SMART - Small Museums Alliance Representing Territories

The Alpine area is rich in small thematic museums telling the history, culture and traditions of the place. Valorizing these museums means preserving historical and cultural heritage of local communities and offering tourists new discovery and knowledge experiences.

Characteristic 1: ACCESSIBILITY

Accessibility is a central theme in SMART. The project will develop a museum circuit based on for all perspectives, able to offer an experience suitable for all categories of visitors: from families, schools, elderly, people with disabilities, to international, national and local tourists. Visitors will be able to choose visit mode, language and\or languages combination best fitting their needs, thanks to the development and use of digital, interactive, multimedia, multimodal and sensory technologies.

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Characteristic 2: INNOVATION

The SMART project puts new technologies for the small museums’ enhancement. Innovative solutions will be proposed for improving experiential discover of the territories. On the one hand, multimedia content based on augmented reality will allow for a more complete tourist experience; on the other hand, virtualization will allow visitors to remotely visit museums and territories, getting to know the cross-border alpine area in its complexity and experiencing its diversity and similarities.

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Characteristic 3: PARTICIPATION

The active involvement of local communities is fundamental to the project’s success. In the first year, participatory paths will be developed in each pilot site involving the different social actors of the territory: the aim is to enhance local cultural heritage as a common good, creating a relationship between the heritage and the community based on awareness, sense of belonging and care.

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Characteristic 4: STRATEGY

SMART innovation aspect is not only technological, but also strategic. SMART offers not only an innovative tourist experience, but also a tool for the promotion and valorization of a common Alpine identity. The virtual museum circuit could become a territorial strategic platform for use by Alpine cooperation areas, providing tools, knowledge, methodologies, processes. The dissemination activities will allow for the involvement of stakeholders in the programme area and the establishment of cooperation with other European territories.

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