• Great success for SMART's international Webinars

    31 May 2021
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    Although this year has been particularly difficult for the culture and tourism sector, the SMART project team is even more determined to support the local and international tourism and culture sectors and to strengthen the resilience of organisations and communities.

  • Partners meet in Resia for the 4th technical meeting!

    20 May 2021
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    On 17th and 18th May 2020 the partners of the SMART project (Smart Museums Alliance Representing Territories) met in the Municipality of Resia (UD), the pilot site of the project, for a technical and administrative meeting.

  • Second community Workshop in Valdagno

    14 May 2021
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    From 10 to 12 May, the second community workshop was held at the Municipality of Valdagno, organised by La Piccionaia - Theatre Production Centre in the framework of the European project SMART - Small Alliance Representing Territories.

  • The first community Workshop Valdagno

    05 May 2021
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    The participatory process in the Valdagno pilot site to promote accessible tourism continues with great success!

  • Innovation, accessibility and participation: the key words for the SMART International Webinars

    27 April 2021
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    Although this year has been particularly difficult for the cultural and touristic sector, SMART is even more determined to support local and international tourism; to strengthen organizations and to promote communities’ resilience!

  • Survey on the accessibility of museums and cultural sights: tours not only for people with disabilities!

    25 February 2021
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    As part of the Interreg project SMART, we are conducting an online survey to delve deeper into the topic of accessibility of museums and other cultural attractions through an opinion poll of visitors and cultural and operators of the cultural and tourism sector.

  • But who is Smart?

    01 February 2021
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    It is a partnership composed of a group of professionals, creatives and enthusiasts, driven by a strong motivation and responsibility towards the local communities and culture. We begin by telling you their stories and expertise in the enhancement of territories and the preservation of historical and cultural heritage. With more than 20 years of experience, Independent L. has become the point of reference for all people with disabilities, but also for families, public authorities and economic, social and educational operators in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol.

  • What’s new? EPISODE 4 - Museums and innovation: which is the correlation?

    25 January 2021
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    Innovation is one of the key words to create extraordinary experiences within museums for regular visitors and people with disabilities and to enhance the accessibility. Different are the advantages from bringing innovation to the museums as through innovative design, services and products, different barriers can be overcome, cultural history can be maintained and presented in creative ways and ordinary experiences can be turned into something special.

  • What's new? EPISODE 3 - A new way of exploring museums

    14 January 2021
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    In order to enhance the value of a territory, firstly it is necessary to tell its story. And theatre, with the support of innovative narrative methodologies such as Silent Play, becomes an effective tool for narrating a territory and promoting sustainable and inclusive forms of cultural tourism.

  • What's New - Episode 2: The Mind Inclusion project

    15 December 2020
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    Mind Inclusion 2.0 aims to foster the competencies of educators of intellectually disabled people across Europe through innovative solutions and to promote the participative co-creation. Through a participatory user-generated content approach and ICT-based methodologies specifically targeted to intellectually disabled people, Mind Inclusion 2.0 developed an innovative web platform which gathers information about public places accessible to people with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers.