A great success for the Silent Play restitution events!

05 October 2021

From June to September 2021, the events of restitution of the Silent Play itineraries took place in the municipalities involved in the SMART project, Valdagno, Saalfelden and Resia.

The purpose of these events was to share with the local community the first drafts of the three Silent Play itineraries, i.e. the itinerant conversations in Silent Play mode developed through the participatory process that has seen the direct involvement of representative members of the local community in the collection of material useful to build the narrative of these conversations.

The participants, equipped with a pair of immersive wireless headphones, were guided through the walks in significant places for the local community, listening to audio content about the history, landscapes and traditions characterizing the area. Common thread of all events and places: water.

Water has always played an essential role in shaping human history and its communities, and in these three municipalities this holds true for the local springs and waterways.

For example, in the Municipality of Saalfelden, where the restitution event took place on June 26th, the route started from the Schloss Ritzen Museum and wound around the Ritzensee lake, a highly symbolic place for the whole territory.

On July 18th it was the turn of the Municipality of Valdagno, where the Silent Play route took place along the Agno-Guà cycle-pedestrian path, which runs along the Agno river, a waterway inextricably linked to the past, present and future of this municipality. In fact, during the expansion of the textile industry in the Municipality of Valdagno, the Agno torrent supported the production of energy necessary for the processing of wool. Today, it represents the key element of the local ecosystem within which plant, animal and human life develop.

Finally, in Resia on September 5, the Silent Play itinerary started from the visitors' center "La Tana" of Lischiazze and then unwound along the path in the wood that leads to Fontanone Barman, a place that strongly identifies the community and is rich in memories, stories and projections towards the future. This itinerary was also connected to the theme of accessibility, since access to Fontanone Barman varies according to weather conditions and can be inhibited due to the presence of debris, such as landslides. In this context, the route of the restitution event has been concluded before the start of the most impervious part, so as to ensure the inclusiveness of the event and participation to all. 

The same will be true for the final route in Silent Play, but the dramaturgy that will be delivered to the Municipality of Resia will be developed in such a way as to allow a future integration of the Fontanone part in the route.

In all three traveling conversations, participants were accompanied by interviews, reflections, stories and music collected during the workshops, on topics related to the territory, history and culture, the museum and accessibility. In the intervals between the various audio contents, there were live interventions of the presenters and comments and feedback from the participants, which resulted in debates on the work done.

All three events were experienced with great interest by the participants, and there was also great participation from representatives of municipal administrations and local cultural operators

A special thanks to Carlo Presotto and Paola Rossi of La Piccionaia, already conductors of the community workshops, authors of the sound dramaturgies of the events and project partners who led the entire participatory process that led to the creation of the itineraries in Silent Play in the pilot municipalities involved in the project. 

The final version of the itineraries will be presented to the public in spring 2022, during the opening ceremonies and presentation of the digital interventions implemented in the pilot museums involved in SMART
Stay tuned!

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Interreg V-A Italy-Austria 2014-2020