The community workshops in Resia are concluded

22 July 2021

On July 16 and 17, 2021, the third and last community workshop was held in Resia, organized as part of the SMART project and led by Carlo Presotto and Paola Rossi.

The workshop was held at the visitor center "La Tana", in Lischiazze and was dedicated to the recording of a series of interviews with members of the local community, regarding themes and contents that emerged in the previous meetings.

The group was extremely intergenerational, with the involvement of seniors (elderly?), adults and children, and with very different looks on the reality of the community participants live in. Catia Quaglia and the Mayor of the Municipality of Resia Anna Miceli also participated in the workshop, they had an essential role of "guarantors" and "guardians" of the common identity.

The interviews were conducted according to the methodology of the unstructured interview, starting from the direct experience of the interviewee about the situation outlined in the previous workshops.
All interviews were audio recorded in their entirety. Many of the interviewees already had experience in public storytelling about the issues under investigation, some of whom had already taken part in audio and video interviews. This made it possible to create a favorable and effective environment for storytelling, as well as a very cooperative one, in which the interview often became an opportunity for reflection and discussion among those present.

Following the workshop, the interviews were edited into a first draft of an audio documentary, to be listened to on the move along a route specifically selected for the Silent Play itinerary because of its significance for the local community.

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